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Hi, I'm MILA...

I'm a content writer & web developer.
I help entrepreneurs & professionals be the most BOLD of who they are ONLINE.

Did you know that...

Studies show

70 %

People research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them

60 %

of Companies are investing in design to differentiate their brands (Adobe, 2018)

40 %

of Vendors have lost orders based on information found or not found about them online


Let me be your partner in building your online presence through easy to understand marketing strategies

What I Do

Things that I work on

Brand Strategy

Create brand strategy and marketing plan to achieve the objectives

Digital Marketing

Create digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

Web Development

Build a customize website that represent the brand

Content Writing

Create creative content and editorial content to tell the brand story in digital media

A Little More About Me

  • Years of experience in marketing and communication, working primarly in multinational companies where I learned with passion about branding and digital marketing
  • I’m an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.
  • I've always loved finding ways to serve people
  • Empathy is my strength. It helps me to tap into other people stories
  • My personal mantra is "Live Simply, Love Generouosly. Learn Constantly"

Let's Connect!

If you are interested to know how I can help you build your business and your online presence through authentic, organic and easy to understand marketing strategies, just drop me an email or have a chat with me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I am thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.